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If your target audience interacts through social networks, we can help your brand to sell more through a social media marketing campaign.

We design unforgettable campaigns on social networks

A MUST in the marketing plan

Social networks such as facebook, twitter or instagram are today a mechanism of interaction established and "naturalized" by all population segments. They serve people to transfer their social interaction and show their mood, interests, concerns, desires.

From the perspective of online marketing, they are a channel for attracting qualified traffic to take into account when our target audience is present on social networks. Social marketing campaigns have enormous potential and allow reaching the brand's audience in a more emotional context, as long as the social marketing actions are planned in an integrated way in the brand's digital strategy.

Having a specialized SMM agency is very important in the digital marketing strategy of any project.

You don't need a community manager

We are not community managers nor will we perform this task for your brand. Let's not be misled: no one should speak on your behalf on social networks, only the brand has the right and power to control what it publishes on social networks and it is their responsibility to know how to do it. We can help define the social media plan and instruct the profiles involved, but our expertise is concentrated in other types of actions.

At proun we specialize in social media marketing campaigns or distribution of paid ads through social networks. We work with Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads and all advertising platforms within social networks, focusing the project under a PPC (pay per click) strategy.

We approach PPC strategy projects from a user experience perspective and CRO optimization (Conversion Rate Optimization), so the design of campaigns, ads, copies, landing pages and feedback to the user are crucial when it comes to turning our investment in social media campaigns into real growth for our business.

Social media positioning campaigns that work

At proun we specialize in the design and execution of social marketing campaigns or SMM with a rational and balanced approach with our SEO and SEM positioning strategy. The social media marketing strategy must take advantage of the synergies of SEO and SEM and allow the brand to grow with Inbound marketing techniques by developing content marketing. Our goal is to improve the visibility of the brand in the social context and attract qualified traffic to the brand's website or mobile app. Social platforms are opportunities to grow as a brand, advance audience awareness and improve the reach and segmentation of distribution campaigns (paid media).

It is necessary to bear in mind that we are talking about payment results in which each click costs money, and not all brands are Coca Cola, nor do they have millions of dollars with which to develop a multichannel strategy. We do not waste the client's investment in paid advertising if we can achieve a good organic positioning in the short term, focusing social marketing actions where they really guarantee growth results.

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