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SEM Web Positioning

We specialize in SEM positioning to attract business to your products and services in the short term through payment results.

SEM strategy from start to finish

The importance of pasting first

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid search engine marketing is a web positioning strategy that allows us to appear in paid search results immediately. Compared to SEO search engine positioning, its great advantage is immediacy, which is crucial when we launch a new brand, online store, product or service and we need to appear as soon as possible on the search engine results pages.

Having an SEM agency as a proun is essential in the digital marketing strategy of any project.

Ad click is not enough

It is very important to keep in mind that the objective is not to click on my ad, but to register a purchase in my online store or convert a lead on my website. We invest in PPC to grow our business, not to appear in the paid results or raise the CTR of our campaign.

At proun we approach SEM strategy projects from a user experience perspective and CRO optimization (Conversion Rate Optimization), for which the design of campaigns, ads, copies, landing pages and user feedback they are crucial in turning our investment in sponsored links into real growth for our business.

We work on our SEM projects from an integrated perspective with our UX design and content marketing team, we are a digital agency that has these profiles within the internal structure, we do not subcontract or work on outsourcing models. There are no possible fissures between the SEM, the creative design, the copying or the technical implementation, we take care of everything and this is a differential value that guarantees the best results.

SEM positioning campaigns that work

At proun we specialize in the design and execution of SEM positioning campaigns for Google Ads (Google Adwords) with a rational and balanced approach with our SEO positioning strategy. It is necessary to bear in mind that we are talking about payment results in which each click costs money, so we are an SEM agency specialized in making the investment profitable in all channels and we take into account the global digital strategy, balancing and optimizing the global budget according to the profitability of the channels. We do not waste customer investment in pay-per-click if we can achieve good organic positioning in the short term, but we invest in payment results where and when it is necessary and it will bring profitable growth to our digital business.

Our work process in SEM positioning

Although it may seem like a process that only affects design and technology, it is necessary to work on all the points of the business model:

SEM audit and web analytics

We must be aware of our starting point and know the actual construction and performance status of our current payment campaigns. We must identify what is working and where we are wasting our investment. We will also conduct market, competitor and keyword research.

SEM strategy

After knowing the status quo of the project, we define some KPIs and objectives in consensus with the client that are drawn through an action plan, as well as the synergies with the SEO Strategy to combine both services.

Campaign design

After defining the objectives, we define the type of campaign and select the channels in which our brand will be visible: search engine, display network and / or remarketing network. We design each of the ads, their titles, descriptions, visible url and define the copies that will attract sales.

Creative design

If our campaign is present on the display network, we take care of designing the necessary banners and rich media.

Landing pages

We design and optimize the landing pages that our target customer will reach from our ads, either within the customer's website or on external platforms enabled for our SEM campaigns.

A / B testing and CRO optimization

We analyze and monitor the conversion rate of our landing pages and work the conversion funnel by performing A / B tests to increase the conversion rate. In the optimization process, we carry out tests and variations to arrive at the solution that guarantees the highest conversion rate, from variations in UX design on our landing pages, copywriting in our ads or variations in our banners.

Analysis and reporting

The process is a continuous cycle, all actions generate results, which we analyze, process and transmit in a monthly report that helps decision-making and improve results. This monthly reporting tracks defined KPIs, presenting the monthly growth results and a short-term action plan.

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