The design of the name of your company or brand is the first key point of our brand strategy, that is why you need a naming agency.

The first step in your brand strategy

Without good naming there is no music

"The rose would not cease to be pink, and to spread its aroma, even if it were called otherwise", Juliet enunciates to Romeo in the famous play by W. Shakespeare. Unfortunately, a rose is not a company: the name of our brand is our letter of presentation of our product or service and the creation process that we have followed, the success of our project may depend.

We all like to make a good first impression, be remembered, and reach out to our interlocutors. The word is our gateway to the mind of the consumer, and on it we create, build and consolidate the brand image. For this, we have Naming, a design process in which we identify the attitude of our brand, define its differential value and choose the definitive term and its sound.

An exciting journey

Although the naming process seems like a simple process, don't be fooled, it is much more than a creative process: it is ethnology, sociology, philology, semiotics, phonetics, method, design and strategy ... Choosing the brand name is a complex journey and determining factor, and, in many cases, the success or failure of the brand in market terms depends on it. Like any process, it has its own criteria, rules and guidelines that must be resolved by a naming agency that applies a correct methodology in the creation of names.

What is a good name for my brand?

But ... what name to choose? - An attractive and original name is not enough. A worthy name must define the main attributes of the brand, identify the product or service, but, at the same time, it must associate pleasant sensations and establish our brand in the subconscious of our potential consumers. A name is useless if it does not project the values ​​or if it does not empathize with your target audience, if it is not easy to pronounce, if it is not clear, simple, or easily remembered.

A good name is a great start, it is our first advantage compared to someone who has not known how to take advantage of the subtle power of the word.

Because we are different


We start from strategic objectives, we analyze the target audience and we develop a rigorous working method aimed at producing the best results. The client accompanies us throughout the process and participates in each decision phase, guaranteeing a result according to expectations.

Global picture

If the client's needs go beyond the design of the logo and corporate identity manual, we can take care of the global identity and its application in traditional and digital media.

Experts in digital branding

We specialize in the design of brands that are developed in digital media (digital platforms, social networks, etc.), providing a global service of digital design and development.

Legal services

If you need it, we can take care of the registration of your trademark in the Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the surveillance of it to avoid copies and fraudulent uses of your trademark.

Do you want us to talk?

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