We are a special agency

At proun you will find a multidisciplinary team with experience in the field of design, technology, strategy and people.

More than 10 years of experience shaping the new

"Proun" was a pictorial interpretation of the Russian suprematist artist El Lissitzky, in which he explored new creative territories by integrating three-dimensional figures in early 20th century painting, trying to "shape the new." The essence of these works perfectly represent our agency philosophy: a group of professionals from the world of design and technology who since 2007 have contributed their grain of sand trying to “shape the new”.

To this day proun continues to nurture this philosophy. Although we have matured, our leitmotif remains intact, maintaining our passion and ability to innovate based on the shared knowledge of a team of experts in digital strategy, design and technology, providing a service tailored to each project or brand that wants to count on us. in its digital transformation process.

Peripheric vision

Our differential value compared to other agencies is precisely this peripheral vision capacity, which allows us to offer a global service in all phases of the project or to cover all phases of service that a brand requires in its adaptation to the digital ecosystem. From the strategic phases to start the launch of a digital business, its UX design, the development of web or mobile platforms involved, to the launch phases and capture of qualified traffic that allows generating sales, everything is covered with our team of professionals, seamless that may jeopardize the success of the project.

This integrative approach allows us to offer a long-term service to digital projects and brands, both large accounts and startups, forming part of a specialized staff that integrates with their internal structure and helps them evolve in the new digital paradigm.

From scratch

In short distances is where you can understand well what we are talking about. Our maximum involvement in each project, our goal is to provide the maximum value, always in search of excellence. We assume each project as the first and the last, reinventing and rethinking the customer experience as the main strategic axis and innovating in each process. If you want to check it out and you think the time has come to give shape to the new, we will be delighted to hear about your project.

An industrial past with a great future

proun comes from the north, we are an agency founded in the Principality of Asturias. And we are very proud of it! Since this past of industrial production and the great ICT ecosystem that has solidified in the north of the country has allowed us to develop our offering with a totally differential value. Although we have had offices in Madrid for several years now to improve the service to our clients and develop our digital strategy department together with the brands we work with, we continue to maintain the determination and involvement of the northern regions.

We work for great brands

We work for brands of all fields and sizes, from innovative startups to multinational companies. They are really our pride and reason for being.

Because we are different?

360 digital agency

We are a digital agency with integrated departments of strategy and digital marketing, user experience design and web / mobile development in the same agency. We are not just a graphic design studio, advertising agency or online marketing agency, we cover the entire spectrum of digital services.

Specialists in innovation projects

We work with innovation departments of large companies, startups and entrepreneurs to develop innovative digital products and services. We are experts in “shaping the new”.

Custom design

For us, each design project is different, it is necessary to start from scratch and understand the problems and needs of the user, so we do not use commercial templates or canned solutions. The design of your project will be unique and adapted to the journey of your potential user.


We are an agency specialized in the latest web and mobile development technologies, working with all types of CMS and opensource technologies, such as WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Symfony, AngularJS, React, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

Agile methodologies

We apply SCRUM, KANBAN and lean methodology in our UX design and technology development projects, be it a website, a web application or a mobile application, with the aim of meeting tight deadlines and launching each new release in record time.

More than 10 years in team

As a digital design agency, our strategy, design and development team has been working together for more than 10 years, we are a great family and that shows in the execution of our services and in the result.

We are part of something great

Throughout our history we have always surrounded ourselves with the best collaborators and we love being part of global change, which is why we are members of various professional associations and organizations.

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Calle Castelló 36 - 1st floor
28006 Madrid

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