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We specialize in growing digital businesses through UX and UI design. We create memorable user experiences for any digital product, from websites to digital platforms or mobile apps.

UX design is not web design

Does my project need UX design?

Many digital products such as websites, mobile apps, or digital platforms either lack a strong engagement proposition or feature poor UX / UI design or user experience.

UX design (user experience) or interaction design is the discipline that ensures that the experience of using a digital asset is perceived in a simple, usable and pleasant way for its users, always within the context of the digital business strategy . If a digital asset does not allow an easy and fascinating use, it will not generate engagement with its users or allow it to reach business objectives.

Much more than web or mobile design

When we talk about designing digital products we are not talking about adding a graphic design layer or solving an interface graphically for an existing development, but about much more: it is a job in which experts in usability, design, psychology, sociology or information architecture is responsible for designing a complete experience of using the digital product through its frontend, the key point of online businesses that really hook users and is the key to achieving your strategic objectives.

Results-oriented design strategy

Our UX design service always starts from the digital strategy and the needs of the user, the epicenter of work of this discipline. After a UX consulting work in which the objectives of the project are discovered. The digital strategy of the business is defined and the buyer persona towards which the digital product is directed, the needs to be covered are identified and prioritized. Finally, the action plan is established that puts the functions in contact with the users. Only by following this sequential and methodical work process will we be able to arrive at a differential UI design or graphic interface design (user interface design), which will allow to increase results and make the brand grow.

Our work process in UX / UI design

At proun we specialize in solving the problem of access to information and functions, guaranteeing that the user can enjoy the mere use of your website, mobile application or digital platform. And a satisfied user is a user who consumes more, shares their experience and generates benefits in your online business.

The phases of our work process in UX UI design are:

Identification of user needs and definition of buyer persona

We start with the first thing: your client. If you don't know your username, you don't know your business; so we will make every effort to know it, applying design thinking and co-creation techniques, from surveys, focus groups or heuristic research. Once we have studied your user, it is time to classify it, to close the circle. A buyer persona is a typified profile, but with a name and surname, which we will give life to represent each of the target segments of your business.

Stories and scenarios

When we are clear about what a digital asset does and who our buyer persona will be, it is time to simplify the functionalities in user stories and scenarios, in order to synthesize the actions on which we must work later.


To design a differential user experience, it is necessary to know closely the competition, trends and references, it is at this moment that we get to the kitchen of your business and detect interaction patterns and opportunities in the development of the experience of user.

Information architecture

This is a ux consulting phase in which we analyze the sources of information and their current architecture, it is essential to fully internalize the information on which it is necessary to navigate.

Once we know the current information architecture, it is time to improve it, it is always easier to navigate and use a digital product if the information is organized in a coherent way, using a content structure that meets the mental model perceived by potential users.

Objectives and functional definition

After the definition of the information architecture, a large part of the user experience is related to the function and the way in which we will access the information, so we integrate with your team of analysts and contribute our expertise in the definition and prioritization of functionalities to be developed.

Navigation flows

This is the moment in which the effort begins to be visible, the moment in which we design the navigation flow between screens, simplifying the processes and making it easy.

Wireframe design

Wireframes are one of the most important phases in the UX design process, it is a phase in which we design the layout or visual structure of each of the screens involved in the process of navigation and access to information, about the that we work together with the client, users, developers, incorporating a functional and operational definition layer that will optimize the future technical development process.


Whether at the level of wireframes or UI design, prototypes are a fundamental piece in the testing, validation and improvement process, it is here where we put our product in front of the user and collect feedback, which provides feedback to the process and will make us improve. We develop navigable prototypes that will save us a lot of trouble in later phases of IT development.

UI (User Interface) Design

After validating the wireframes, we design an interface totally tailored to the brand and digital strategy, applying psychological persuasion techniques that will differentiate your product and make it memorable. This will translate into an increase in conversion, commercial contacts or sales, based on the objectives that we set for your project.

Design patterns

In many cases, interface design is not the end, only the beginning. With the use and the passage of time, projects grow and evolve, which requires a much deeper service and integrated into the client and project structure. It is here when the design patterns are defined, Atom Design and other approaches in which we divide and divide until we design the atom that, added to other elements, builds the entire UX system of the project and facilitates future scalability and structural adaptation.

Because we are different

More than 10 years designing interaction

We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in interaction design, user experience and usability. You will not work with junior profiles, but with real professionals.

We analyze your users

Our work begins by studying the users and their needs, applying techniques such as direct observation, interviews, group sessions or psychophysical tests.

Conversion Oriented Design (CRO)

Although the user is always at the center, we do not lose sight of your business objectives or digital marketing strategy, so we apply conversion-oriented design techniques to maximize the number of leads, contacts, request for quotes, online sales, etc.

Custom UX / UI design

For us, each project is different, so we do not use templates or templates, so the interface design of your project will be unique and differential. Trust us, this is the only way.

Experts in responsive UX web design

Any web project today must adapt to the screens of mobile devices. We apply Mobile Design First techniques that guarantee the mobile usability of your digital product.

Frontend UX development

If you need it, in addition to the UX design itself, we can also take care of the implementation and development of the front end, as well as the complete development of your digital product. It is the good thing about having a digital agency that covers the entire service cycle of your project.

We integrate with your development team

We can work in collaboration with your company's technical team if you have an internal development team and make it easier for them to make your product incredible. We can also take care of the integration of the new design in the front end of your development. For all this you will have a team of experts in information architecture, usability, heuristic analysis, sociology, mind maps, user experience analysis, interaction design, wireframing, interface design, responsive design, interactive prototyping and frontend development.

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