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Online store design

We specialize in the design of online stores that sell, optimizing conversion and maximizing revenue. Our ecommerce designs will also be attractive to your clients, fully adapted to CRO.

Invest in design and sell more, it's that simple

The ecommerce design in the purchase decision

Investing in user experience design is the best guarantee to sell your products through an online store. It's that easy.

It is not enough to have a wide catalog of products or services in our online store, allow payment with a credit card, have a good SEO positioning or an email marketing strategy. Factors from fields as disparate as human perception, psychophysics, sociology or psychology are crucial in the purchase process in an ecommerce.

A website with a good UX design process, in which the user, the competition, the technology have been taken into account, and that starts from a correct approach to online marketing strategy, has everything necessary to generate sales.

UX / UI design for online sales

At proun we specialize in defining global e-commerce strategies in everything related to user experience design, designing and developing online stores that maximize conversion rates and generate income. Our online store design team and e-commerce projects are experts in Conversion Oriented Design or CCD (Conversion Centered Design) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). The objective of these UX web design techniques is to increase the ecommerce conversion rate and for the visitor to the virtual store to become a buyer. We carry out the custom design In all our ecommerce projects, we do not use commercial templates that do not guarantee the suitability of the sales funnel.

Mobile web design for ecommerce

When considering the design and development of an ecommerce, it is a priority to propose the project with a “mobile first” approach, taking into account the progressive increase in online sales through mobile devices. In design phases we always keep this in mind and optimize navigation to increase the number of sales in the mobile channel.

Online store development specialists

In addition to the UX and UI design phases in online store design projects, we have an ecommerce development team specialized in CMS such as Prestashop or Woocommerce , with the ability to adapt the basic functionality of the CMS to the needs of the project. We also work with other technologies such as Symfony, Drupal, AngularJS or React if the online store requires a specific functionality that does not cover a CMS for traditional online stores.

Our work process in online store design

At proun we specialize in ecommerce design covering all phases of the project, from the digital strategy of your project to attracting potential buyers:

Brand design for online sale

If your brand is not adapted for digital channels or you simply do not have a brand, our branding team will be in charge of designing a brand that connects with your target users.

UX / UI design for ecommerce

We take care of the user experience design and interface design phases for your virtual store. From the initial phases of defining the buyer persona, design of navigation flows, wireframes, interface design, prototyping and global creative direction.

Photography for online stores

In an ecommerce project the image of your product is key. For this reason we have a specialized photography studio for ecommerce and if you need it, we will take care of carrying out the necessary photo sessions.

Frontend and backend development

Once we've designed the entire user experience, it's time to translate it into code. In this phase, our team of frontend developers will be in charge of designing all the key screens and integrating them with the chosen CMS, either Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc., as well as adapting the CMS to the needs of your online business.

Web positioning for online stores

Although the digital positioning strategy begins much earlier, it is from the publication that the execution of the strategy begins. We take care of the SEO positioning of the online store, SEM positioning or distribution in social networks, with the aim that your online store grows in online visibility in order to increase the number of visits and sales.

Because we are different?

Web design specialized in conversion (CRO)

We apply CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and CCD (Conversion Centered Design) techniques to increase the sales of your online store. Users will not hesitate when adding to the cart.

Custom UX design

For us, each ecommerce project is different, so we do not use templates. The interface design of your project will be unique and you will not have the technical problems derived from these generic solutions.

Responsive mobile first design

We are specialists in conversion on mobile devices and responsive design, applying mobile first design techniques in all our ecommerce projects.

Experts in Prestashop and Woocommerce

Although we work with all opensource technologies for online stores, we have more than 10 years of experience with these CMS and we know all the possibilities they offer to your online business.

Development of custom online stores

If your project requires the development of a customized online store, we are specialists in opensource frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel or Drupal to fully adapt your online store to the business model.

SEO positioning and web analytics

Our expert SEO and digital analytics department can take care of your organic traffic strategy, taking care of generating online visibility that attracts potential customers for your product.

SEM and Google ADS campaigns:

In addition to SEO positioning, we are also experts in SEM strategy and campaigns in CPC models. We are certified as a Google Partner and we can take care of managing campaigns in the search network, display network and Google Ads remarketing.

Social media campaigns

Our digital marketing team is also an expert in designing and developing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in B2B and B2C projects.

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