Corporate identity design

We specialize in corporate visual identity design with a strategic approach that will make you sell more. Because a well-designed brand is a guarantee of results at the business level.

Put the best tailor-made suit to your project

Corporate identity is corporate culture

At proun we love brands. We love working with the client from strategic phases in which the corporate philosophy and brand culture are defined, starting from the foundations of the brand image. We take on corporate identity design projects from simple logos to the development of complex corporate identity programs for large brands, from the naming phase to the monitoring and art direction of the brandbook implementation phase.

Design methodology

If something makes us different, it is that we apply a multidisciplinary methodology in which we investigate the communication needs of the brand and its target, we identify the desirable attributes that any visual representation of the identity should transmit and we define the pillars of the brand's architecture. from target positioning to the connoted promise you will deliver to your audience.

We divide our work process into several phases, differentiating a more analytical first phase and a more creative second, in which our client participates as an active member of the team.

We accompany your brand on its journey

In the corporate identity design of a company, in addition to the most strategic phases and creativity, we can take care of the design and production of corporate materials linked to the graphic representation of the brand, from printing corporate stationery, signage or catalogs to web design and online and offline marketing strategy. We also provide legal services related to trademarks, from the registration of intellectual property to the monitoring of possible morphological coincidences of new brands that appear on the market.

Our work process in the corporate image design

At proun we specialize in creating brand image. The phases of our work process are:

Research and analysis

We need to discover your business model and potential client, applying design thinking and co-creation techniques, from surveys, focus groups or heuristic research and benchmarking.

Brand architecture

With all the information on the table, it is time to put order and conceptually define the desirable concepts and attributes that the brand must transmit internally and externally, delimiting the features and sensations that the target audience will perceive, that is, the promise and value proposition. Of the brand.


When we have a roadmap, the creative phase begins in which we shape the promise, defining its style, morphology, typography, color palette, until we reach the brand image.

Corporate identity manual or brandbook

When the design of the corporate identity of the brand has been finalized, we take care of designing the instruction manual for its correct use in graphic reproduction, covering graphic construction, chromatic applications, typographic use, application instructions, basic stationery, printed communication ( press, publications, advertising, merchandising, etc.), digital communication (web, social networks, email, newsletter, etc.), signage, etc.

Because we are different


We start from strategic objectives, we analyze the target audience and we develop a rigorous working method aimed at producing the best results. The client accompanies us throughout the process and participates in each decision phase, guaranteeing a result according to expectations.

Global picture

If the client's needs go beyond the design of the logo and corporate identity manual, we can take care of the global identity and its application in traditional and digital media.

Art direction

Once the design of your new brand is finished, we take care of supervising its implementation and, if you require it, of developing all the creativity and graphic adaptation work of your corporate communication materials.

Graphic printing

We will take care of producing your corporate materials with the most professional printing suppliers on the market, we will recommend the best qualities so that the result is always optimal and exquisite.

Legal services

If you need it, we can take care of the registration of your trademark in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and its surveillance to prevent fraudulent copies and uses of your trademark.

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