Digital design

We specialize in designing exciting digital products for innovative brands and projects. We are experts in shaping the new.

We create unique and memorable digital experiences

The new paradigm of digital design

Digital design is, today, the main value to take into account in the production of immaterial products, artifacts that are displayed either through screens, virtual, augmented or ubiquitous reality.

Investing in the design of new digital assets improves the brand image, engagement with potential users, attracts sales and growth for the brand.

More than 10 years of digital design

proun is a digital design agency made up of designers who have grown up with interaction and digital devices, with more than 10 years of experience designing interaction. We design and develop all kinds of digital products: websites, web platforms and applications, online stores and e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, applications for wearables, etc. We also specialize in content design for digital media.

The methodology is the key

We apply a unique methodology that is the consequence of our years of experience in interaction design or UX design, evolving from UCD user-centered design to CCD conversion-oriented design.

In all our projects we always start from the user, from the people, as a central element of the interaction, and through strategy, creativity and methodology we manage to grow the results of the digital products we design.

Design integrated into the digital strategy

Our differential value as a digital agency is that we approach projects with a strategic perspective and measurable results based on the KPI's agreed with each client. If your project requires it, we can take care of the digital marketing strategy, through a complete action plan that will cover the definition of the digital product, search engine positioning, SEM campaigns and social media campaigns.

Our services as a digital design agency


UX / UI design

We specialize in growing digital businesses through UX and UI design. We create memorable user experiences for any digital product, from websites to digital platforms or mobile apps.

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Custom web design

Web design

We are a custom web design agency specialized in designing websites with measurable and quantifiable objectives within your brand's digital strategy.

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Online store design - ecommerce design

Design of online stores and ecommerce

We specialize in designing online stores that sell, optimizing conversion and maximizing revenue.

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Mobile app design

We are a UX and UI design agency specialized in mobile application design with a clear objective within the digital business model: to grow the brand and the results.

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CRO design

If your goal is for your users to buy more and increase your ROI, you need a CRO design to optimize the conversion rate of your website or mobile app.

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Because we are different?

More than 10 years designing interaction

We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in interaction design, user experience and usability. You will not work with junior profiles, but with real professionals.

We analyze your users

Our work begins by studying the users and their needs, applying techniques such as direct observation, interviews, group sessions or psychophysical tests.

Conversion Oriented Design (CRO)

Although the user is always at the center, we do not lose sight of your business objectives or digital marketing strategy, so we apply conversion-oriented design techniques to maximize the number of leads, contacts, request for quotes, online sales, etc.

Custom UX / UI design

For us, each project is different, so we do not use templates or templates, so the interface design of your project will be unique and differential. Trust us, this is the only way.

Experts in responsive UX web design

Any web project today must adapt to the screens of mobile devices. We apply Mobile Design First techniques that guarantee the mobile usability of your digital product.

We integrate with your technical team

We can work in collaboration with the technical team of the client company if you have an internal development staff. For all this you will have a team of experts in information architecture, usability, heuristic analysis, sociology, mind maps, user experience analysis, interaction design, wireframing, interface design, responsive design, interactive prototyping and frontend development.

Do you want us to talk?

If you liked what you have seen and would like to propose that we become part of your project, we will be delighted to hear from you. Complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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