Technology and IT development

Web development

We are a professional web development agency specialized in the development of functional websites aligned with the brand's online marketing strategy.

We develop websites that generate business

Strategic web development

At proun we propose each web development project from a strategic perspective, through measurable results based on the KPI's agreed with each client. The corporate website is the fundamental piece of the process, from attracting qualified traffic to converting the lead.

Custom web development

For us, each web development project is different, we do not use themes or templates and we do custom web design. We are experts in UX design and we apply “Mobile first” design methodology.

This strategic approach from the user experience is our seal of quality that differentiates us from other web development companies.

WordPress, custom programming ... We adapt to you

We have extensive experience in custom web development based on Symfony or Laravel, as well as on CMS: WordPress or Drupal development; both in the design of corporate web pages and in online stores or web applications. In corporate website design and development projects we are experts in WordPress, the most widely used content manager in the world. As we do with all our clients, we will help you choose the right technology for your project.

Web maintenance

If your website needs to evolve over time and you need to develop functional improvements or create new content areas, we can help you with our maintenance service that will make your project grow even more.

Our work process in web development

We specialize in developing web projects covering all phases of the project, from the digital strategy of your project to attracting users:

Analysis and functional definition

Our technical team will be in charge of analyzing the required functionality and integrations with other applications with the departments involved in your company, defining in detail each of the sections and functionalities of your website.

Technological consulting

The functional requirements defined in the analysis phase determine the choice between a CMS or a custom web development. We will help you to know if you need a website on WordPress, Drupal or any other content manager, or between Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter or any other Opensource framework.

UX / UI design

In parallel to the analysis and technical consulting phases, our UX design and graphic design team gets down to work to design a unique and differential interface for your project: From the definition of buyer persona, navigation flows, wireframe design , UI or interface design, prototyping and content design and creation.

Frontend development

In the frontend development phase we take care of layout all the key screens that we have designed, implementing the responsive behavior so that they are displayed correctly on mobile phones and we will proceed to the integration with the chosen CMS.

Backend development

Depending on the chosen CMS, whether it be WordPress, Drupal, etc., the technical team involved will proceed with the development and adaptation of the CMS to the administration functionalities of your website.

Content creation and upload

If your project requires it, we will take care of the design and creation of the content, from the writing of texts, design of infographics, photographs, videos, animations, etc. and the loading process on your website.

Deployment on web server

Once your website is ready to publish, we will proceed to the implementation on your web server. Remember that if you don't have a server we can advise you on the best web hosting providers.

SEO migration

If you fear losing your SEO, in our migrations we take great care of the acquired value of your website. That is why during the change of website we monitor and carry out the migration based on SEO criteria. In any case, we keep all those elements that your Digital Marketing team has defined. Or if you prefer, you can hire this service to improve SEO by taking advantage of the web launch.

Maintenance and support

Once we have published your website we can take care of its maintenance, both at the content management level and new functional developments.

Because we are different?

Conversion Specialized Design (CRO)

We apply CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and CCD (Conversion Centered Design) techniques to increase conversions and lead registration of your website.

Custom UX design

For us, each web design project is different, so we do not use templates or commercial templates. The interface design of your project will be unique and you will not have the technical problems derived from these generic solutions.

Responsive mobile first design

We are specialists in conversion on mobile devices and responsive design, applying mobile first design techniques in all our web design and development projects.

Experts in Wordpress

Although we work with almost all opensource technologies for web design and development projects, we have more than 10 years of experience in WordPress web development and this shows in the result.

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