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Web applications development

If your business model requires the design and development of a solid and reliable web application to achieve your strategic objectives, we are your web application development company.

We develop web applications that change the world

More than a website

A web application or web platform is a type of web development that, due to its functional requirements, usually entails custom web development and does not allow its development through a standard content management system (CMS). If you need to develop a social network, a training platform, a second-hand products marketplace, or any type of development with a high content of innovation and very specific requirements, we are your web applications company.

At proun we are experts in exactly that, in the design and development of web applications for companies with innovative functional requirements and that require a plus in terms of interaction, design and technical capacity.

Lean startup and design thinking

Our agency specializes in working with startups and companies whose business development approach is based on lean startup. That is why we know what you need and when you need it, we will design your project prioritizing what is really important in order to launch your MVP (minimum viable product) on the market as soon as possible.

Our work methodology in the user experience design phase begins by studying potential users and their real needs, applying techniques based on design thinking to identify the value proposition of your project and set achievable objectives in a timely manner.

UX design for web applications

We approach all our web design projects with CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization methodology, that is, we develop optimized websites to achieve the objectives, applying the most efficient techniques in the process of improving the user experience (UX design).

We are differentials in global mobility projects and responsive web design, applying a “mobile first” design approach in UI design phases. Although we are talking about a web application, you should take into account usability from mobile devices and have a team like us, with experience in developing apps for iOS and Android, as well as web applications.

Technology for web applications

Choosing the appropriate technology for your project is a really important milestone. When developing web applications, you must take into account factors such as the volume of simultaneous users, integrations with third-party APIs or future scalability to mobile devices for iOS and Android, since these types of decisions totally condition your project. Don't worry, our team of analysts with more than 10 years of experience will be in charge of functionally delimiting and defining the technological architecture of your project.

Our development team specializes in web application development and API development on Symfony, the most advanced opensource PHP framework. We also specialize in javascript frameworks for frontend development such as AngularJS or React, especially indicated in applications that require high availability in the face of high volumes of simultaneous users.

We also have the technical profiles of systems that will be responsible for implementing your web application in Cloud web hosting services such as Google or Amazon.

Our work process in design and development of web applications and digital platforms

At proun we specialize in developing web applications and digital platforms covering all phases of the project, from the digital strategy of your project to attracting users:

Co-creation and Design Thinking

We can help you define the project from the beginning, from the need and the target user profiles, through co-creation techniques and design thinking.

Analysis and functional definition

We take care of the functional analysis phases, our team of web analysts are in charge of defining the requirements, user stories and use cases that your web application must meet.

Technical architecture and technological infrastructure

Our technical infrastructure team is responsible for defining the elements and technologies that must integrate the entire project, from the cloud storage system, development technology, own and third-party APIs, etc. If you need to contract third-party services such as Amazon or Google, we can also take care of it.

User experience design and UX / UI design

The key to the success of a digital product or web application is the user experience, how it adapts to the user's mental model and the satisfaction that its use produces. Our UX design team will be in charge of carrying out the entire process, from analyzing users and their needs to designing functional and navigation flows, wireframes and prototyping. Subsequently, the UI design team is responsible for the design of the web application's graphical interface, both at the frontend and backend level. We always tailor each project, no two projects are ever the same.

Frontend development

In the frontend development phase, we take care of laying out all the key screens that we have designed so that users can use your web application, implementing responsive behavior so that they are displayed correctly on mobile phones and we will proceed to the integration with the backend logic.

Backend development

With total security, your project needs an administration system on the web environment to guarantee its correct operation or that you can control all the information that is generated in the web application. We will develop a web administration application that will allow you to control your digital asset perfectly.

API development

With total security your project will require a connection with a database to communicate and exchange information. Following a "mobile friendly" development approach, we take care of the design and development of the necessary web services through an API that will allow scaling in future mobile application development.

Testing and implementation

Before publishing your web application, we will apply a strict battery of tests and unit and functional tests, integrating testing platforms and crash and bug analysis, in order for your application to minimize the number of bugs.

Deployment on web server

Once your web application is ready to publish, we will proceed to the implementation on your web server. Remember that if you don't have a server we can advise you on the best cloud web hosting providers.

Web positioning

If you need it, we can take care of the web positioning in search engines or SEO positioning, as well as the SEM positioning or Google Ads campaigns, as well as social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)

Web application maintenance

Publishing your web application is not the end, but the beginning. Our support team is at your disposal for the development of evolutions and continue growing, until you need the technology transfer.

Because we are different?

Custom UX design

For us, each web design project is different, so we do not use templates or commercial templates. The interface design of your project will be unique and you will not have the technical problems derived from these generic solutions.

Responsive mobile first design

We are specialists in conversion on mobile devices and responsive design, applying mobile first design techniques in all our web design and development projects.

Agile methodologies

We specialize in taking advantage of time, that is why we can carry out projects with very tight deadlines, applying SCRUM, KANBAN and agile project management methodologies.eb.

SEO positioning and web analytics

Our expert SEO and digital analytics department can take care of your organic traffic strategy, taking care of generating online visibility that attracts potential clients to the website.

SEM and Google ADS campaigns

In addition to SEO positioning, we are also experts in SEM strategy and campaigns in CPC models. We are certified as a Google Partner and we can take care of managing campaigns in the search network, display network and Google Ads remarketing.

Social media campaigns

Our digital marketing team is also an expert in designing and developing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in B2B and B2C projects.

You are the owner of your web application

In all our development projects we deliver the source code and make technology transfer if the client requires it, there is no small print, your project is yours.

Your project, guaranteed

Once your website is public, the guarantee phase begins. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our websites, covering bugs and errors that did not appear in the testing phase.

Do you want us to talk?

If you liked what you have seen and would like to propose that we become part of your project, we will be delighted to hear from you. Complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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