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Mobile application development

We are experts in developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android. If you need to create an app to make your online business succeed, you are in the right place.

We are specialists in native mobile development

Think mobile

The consolidation of smartphones and tablets as means of accessing digital content has fostered a new market full of possibilities for brands, companies and entrepreneurs. These new supports require a methodical and meticulous work process in the development of mobile applications. That is why it is necessary to internalize the cognitive processes of users and their mental models in new interaction paradigms.

Native vs hybrid applications

Standardized mobile operating systems are iOS and Android, don't be fooled, a native mobile application is the best technological option to achieve success in your project. At proun we specialize in native application development simply because they work better and allow a better user experience. We are experts in Swift, Objective C, Kotlin and Java development. Although there are several types of development, such as hybrid applications, which can be an option for the prototyping and testing phases, keep in mind that as your app scales functionally, these options tend to generate many headaches and will require replacement in the future. for a native development.

Not without strategy

We develop applications for clients of all kinds, from startups to large accounts, and for all kinds of needs, from productivity apps, marketplaces, e-commerce, games, etc. We specialize in developing mobile applications for business models loaded with innovation and aligned with the brand's digital strategy. Keep in mind that we also provide digital strategy services for mobile apps in which we provide a strategic vision that helps you optimize and pivot your business model if necessary, in addition to helping to position your app through our ASO positioning service .

We design mobile experience

We not only develop, but we are really differentials in global mobility projects, in those in which we start the project from the UX and UI design phases of mobile apps. Designing for mobile devices requires a solid and proven methodology carried out by a professional and experienced app design team. We apply design techniques aimed at conversion, gamification, etc. If you are interested in going deeper, you can learn more about our mobile application design service.

Our work process in mobile application development

At proun we specialize in developing mobility solutions covering all phases of the project, from the digital strategy of your project to attracting users:

Co-creation and Design Thinking

We can help you define the project from the beginning, from the need and the target user profiles, through co-creation techniques and design thinking.

Analysis and technical architecture

We take care of the functional analysis phases, our team of analysts in mobile and web technologies are in charge of defining the requirements, user stories and use cases that your mobile project must meet. Our technical infrastructure team is in charge of defining the elements and technologies that must integrate the complete project, from the cloud storage system, the web administration platform, own and third-party APIs, etc. If you need to contract third-party services such as Amazon or Google, we can also take care of it.

User experience design and UX / UI design

The key to the success of a digital mobility product is the user experience, how it adapts to the user's mental model and the satisfaction that its use produces. Our mobile UX design team will be in charge of carrying out the whole process, from analyzing users and their needs to designing functional and navigation flows, wireframes to prototypes. Once the user experience has been defined, the UI design team is in charge of designing the graphical interface of the mobile application, taking into account the use models of each operating system. We always tailor each project, no two projects are ever the same.

Native app development

The next step to the UX / UI design phases is the development itself on native systems. We develop on xCode, Swift, Java and Kotlin, we are at the latest in development on native languages ​​and we put at your disposal a team of senior professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Development of web administration platform

With total security, your project needs an administration system on a web environment to guarantee its correct operation or that you can control all the information that is generated in the mobile application. We will develop a web administration application at the height of your easy and simple app that will allow you to control your mobile digital asset to perfection.

API development

If your app requires a connection with a database to communicate and exchange information, such as uploading information from a website or digital platform, we take care of the design and development of the necessary web services through an API that will allow it to scale in the future. and integrate are all kinds of platforms and devices.

Testing and implementation

Before publishing your app, we will apply a strict battery of tests and unit and functional tests, integrating testing platforms and crash and bug analysis, with the aim that your application minimizes the number of bugs.

Publish to Apple Store and Google Play

If you need it, we will take care of speaking on your behalf with Apple and Google in the validation and uploading processes to the stores, managing the modifications and justifications in the event that they occur.

ASO positioning

Once your application is live, it is time to make it known. Our strategy team ASO (App Store Optimization) is in charge of this: improve the ranking in the stores and gain global visibility of the app, through blogs, influencers, social networks or organic visibility.

Maintenance and support of mobile apps

Publishing your app is not the end, but the beginning. Our mobile support team is at your disposal for the development of evolutions and continue growing, until you need the technology transfer.

Because we are different?

Native development

We develop your app on native code for the operating system you need: iOs or Android. Don't hesitate, mobile apps work better.

Web administration platform

If your mobile application needs a web administration panel for control, management and supervision, we take care of its development within the scope of the project.

Development of webapps or cross-platform applications

If your project needs omnichannel and a web browser interface, our digital platform development team on REACT or AngularJS can take care of the project to extend the reach to web browsers.

User experience

We have a team of experts in user experience design focused on mobility. Your users will become addicted to your app.

Mobile app publication

Your app will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play application markets, we take care of managing uploads and publications with Apple and Android.

Agile methodologies

We specialize in taking advantage of time, that is why we can carry out projects with very tight deadlines, applying SCRUM, KANBAN and agile project management methodologies.

ASO positioning

IF you need to publicize your app and start generating users, we can also develop an ASO positioning strategy.

You are the owner of your app

In all our development projects we deliver the source code and make technology transfer if the client requires it, there is no small print, your project is yours.

Do you want us to talk?

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