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Digital transformation affects your brand like all others, if you do not know how to face the chaos to reach the digital maturity of the brand and take a step forward, you are in the right place.

We help you face the digital change

A change from the inside out

The arrival of new information and communication technologies has led to a diametrical shift in the paradigm of doing business in recent decades. The influence and metamorphosis it has brought about for the market, for our competitors and for our brand is undeniable. For this reason, it is important for each company to assume the digital change, climb to the top of the springboard and take the leap, in order to improve its productivity and keep up with an increasingly fast and unstable market, which requires reinventing our products. and services, as well as our business model.

This digital transformation process affects all areas of the company, from operations, marketing, finance, HR, management, etc., and it is difficult to identify where change begins and ends. At proun we have been designing and developing digital products and services for more than 10 years and we specialize in simplifying this process of change and making it digestible and understandable for organizations, facilitating the decision-making process. We have worked for all types of clients, sectors and challenges, and, if it has helped us something, it is to forge a method of simplifying the digital transformation process that we can apply in almost any company, product or service.

We help organizations to analyze the internal and external status quo, design a new digital strategy and carry it out involving all areas of the organization and the company's value chain, always supported by the transversal expertise of our team of professionals. We will put our knowledge, technical skills and experience at your disposal.


Our consulting work process in digital transformation

Although it may seem like a process that only affects design and technology, it is necessary to work on all the points of the business model:

Digital analytics

We must be aware of our starting point and know the real state of digital maturity of our business. We must identify what is working and what is failing. For this, we analyze the company in objective and verifiable metrics against our competition and the average ratios of the sector.

Co-creation and design thinking

Nobody better than your team and your clients to drive change. We take care of channeling your experience to identify the future of your company, applying disruptive techniques that will shape the new online business model.

Digital strategy

Based on the results of the ideation phase and the analytical measurement, we design a digital strategy that will articulate change and adaptation to the new digital ecosystem.


The strategy is not explained on a paper or a deliverable. We organize one or more work sessions with the team involved to clearly define the tasks to be carried out and help in the execution process.


With a clear roadmap on the table, we will proceed to guide your company step by step, we will take care of supporting your team in the areas of design and technology for everything that the digital transformation strategy requires.

Design and development of digital assets

If the digital transformation process requires new digital assets, we will take care of UX design and web or mobile development activating parallel projects.

Analysis and reporting

The process is a continuous cycle, all actions generate results, which we analyze, process and transmit in a monthly report that helps decision-making and improve results. This monthly reporting tracks defined KPIs, presenting the monthly growth results and a short-term action plan.

Because we are different

360 digital agency

We are a digital agency that covers all service areas with internal profiles in the company. There are no gaps between strategy, design and technology.

More than 10 years shaping the new

We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in strategy, design and technology. You will not work with junior profiles, but with real professionals.


We are an agency specialized in the latest IT development technologies for more than 10 years in the fields of internet and mobility.

We integrate with your organization

We can work in collaboration with your team, either in the fields of marketing, technology operations or any other area that requires adaptation to the digital world.

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