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We specialize in SEO consulting and strategy from a strategic approach seeking business growth and results.

Advanced SEO methodology with positive results

Not without SEO strategy

Search engine optimization can mean the success or failure of any online project, be it a corporate website, an e-commerce or a digital platform loaded with innovation. If you don't exist on Google, and your website doesn't have good SEO optimization, you don't exist for your potential clients.

It is very important to think about search engines from the initial phases of the project, since the initial SEO consulting can condition the overall strategy of the digital project. SEO helps us to identify our target audience, to understand their search behavior and to determine if there really is business in the direction in which we are directing our offer.

Having an SEO agency like proun is essential in the digital strategy of any project.

Much more than keywords

An SEO web positioning project is divided into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This is, in tasks of optimization of the website itself and in tasks of optimization of factors external to our website, which generally affect other websites that link to us. Both aspects are important and an SEO project is being worked on, although the SEO optimization of our website is a priority over the link building strategy, which usually takes place in later phases when we have already put “order in our house”.

On-page SEO is divided into technical SEO and content SEO . Technical SEO focuses on optimizing the site at the code quality level so that the search engines index it correctly and the loading speed is optimal, especially on mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary to continually review the website's programming to avoid penalties and loss of positions in Google results. This is especially important if we have used black hat techniques in the past and are penalized by Google.

CRO optimization and content marketing

Our service approach in technical seo also includes in this phase CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UX / UI design. The website design and user experience we offer is critical in the conversion phase. It is useless to attract high volumes of traffic that do not become leads because the usability and CRO of our website does not work.
Within content SEO we include everything that affects the information that we show on our website and that is read by search engines. We work on the information architecture and site navigation , the optimization of the metadata of our pages, the optimization of the content, the creation of new content and the definition of new formats (infographics, surveys, interviews, etc.). We also manage and optimize the blog, internal linking or cross-linking.

Results-oriented SEO positioning

We are not an SEO agency that offers you to position in a specific number of keywords that nobody looks for, nor a growth in visibility that does not bring results in sales and in economic benefit for the brand. We are an online marketing agency that offers online business growth results through SEO optimization. We intervene in all phases of contact with the client, from the acquisition of potential clients in the search engines, to the conversion of the lead on the website or the sale of the product in an ecommerce.

In addition to all this, we monitor the evolution of the site's rankings on a daily basis and detect any incident that may affect our visibility in search engines and, above all, possible penalties from Google derived from its algorithm updates.

We work our SEO projects from an integrated perspective with our UX design and technical development team. We are a digital agency that has these profiles within the internal structure, we do not subcontract or work on outsourcing models. Therefore there are no possible fissures between SEO, UX design and web development of the site, we take care of everything and this is a differential value that guarantees the best results.

Our work process in SEO positioning

Although it may seem like a process that only affects design and technology, it is necessary to work on all the points of the business model:

SEO audit and web analytics

We must be aware of our starting point and know what our model is for attracting qualified traffic, identifying our main channels and identifying opportunities and risks. For this, we carry out an initial SEO audit of the website's status quo, both on-page and off-page, as well as an analysis of the search market, potential users and competitors.

SEO strategy

After knowing the status quo of the project, we define some KPI's in consensus with the client and we design an action plan in the short, medium and long term. We define unique and personalized SEO strategies for each project and defined based on the kpi's adopted to achieve growth objectives.


The strategy is presented in a workshop or work session with the client's team involved. In this workshop we present the action plan to follow in all areas of the project and detail the distribution of tasks of all members involved in the project.

Technical SEO optimization

We proceed to carry out the required white hat technical improvements in the programming of the website and that we have identified in the strategy. This phase includes on-page SEO tasks, conversion improvement, cross-linking or internal links, technical SEO implementations, mobile optimization, loading speed and prevention of Google penalties in each update. Our website must not present errors that affect the indexing in search engines and the loading speed must be optimal.

SEO content optimization

We fix navigation and information architecture issues and optimize site content and metadata based on goals. This phase includes tasks such as keyword analysis, web content optimization or definition of new content and formats. We also take care of the creation of new content for the blog and other special formats, such as infographics, surveys, interviews, etc.


Once the on-page SEO project is established and the attraction of natural organic traffic grows month by month, we proceed to the implementation of the off-page strategy through a personalized Linkbuilding strategy.

UX design and CRO optimization

We identify current website design issues and propose UX design improvements to improve user experience and site usability. We also analyze and monitor the conversion rate of the website and work the conversion funnel by performing tests and A / B tests to increase the percentage of website conversions.

Analysis and reporting

The process is a continuous cycle, all actions generate results, which we analyze, process and transmit in a monthly report that helps decision-making and improve results. In this report we contrast the defined KPIs and present the monthly growth results and short-term action plan.

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