We love brands, but above all, brands with a solid branding strategy, since without strategy, there are no reliable and scalable results. Your project needs an adequate consulting and branding design with its own identity.

We believe in your brand, let's make it grow together

Do you know what a brand is?

We all know what a brand is, but how far does branding go and where does the brand begin?

Brand identity is the differentiating element that defines you as a company, tells your story and exposes your vision of the world. It is the image that you project at the graphic design level and that others interpret through visual and sensory elements. In the best of cases, what is projected and what is received will be very similar. However, the right question is: Does your brand contribute to your business?

Brand positioning through strategic branding

Branding helps us answer this question and achieve all the important aspects through brand strategy. Branding consulting is to name, create, manage and perpetuate brand image. It is to present a single message about the company, products and services over time. From the construction of a brand, it is the intelligent, strategic and creative management to design a distinctive, relevant, complete and coherent brand.

Not just design

It is not only about design or advertising, but about all the attributes that are not seen, but are perceived, and that allow us to distinguish our brand from the others. It is a comprehensive approach to communicate a clear and consistent message. With this message we will create enthusiasm, expectations, emotional connections in the target and that will translate into a good experience, positive opinions and buyback.

Here a series of objectives and advantages are coordinated: Differentiate your brand from the rest. Make it unique and unmatched in the mind of your target audience. Give coherence to the marketing strategy and all lines of communication. Present the personality of your company. Make your brand unique so that it is remembered. Enhance your competitive advantages, attributes and strengths. Orient your strategy to the market. Convey confidence. Be close, talk to people and establish a dialogue as equals. Positive opinions lead to customer loyalty, and this will be reflected positively in your billing.

In woocen, more than an advertising agency, we are a branding agency in which we do everything necessary to put your brand on the map. Let's make it happen. Time to build a brand.

Our services as a specialist agency in Branding



The design of the name of your company or brand is the first key point in our brand strategy, that's why you need a naming agency.

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Corporate identity

Corporate identity

We specialize in corporate visual identity design with a strategic approach that will make you sell more.

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Graphic design

Graphic design

We are passionate about graphic design, its past, present and future in branding strategy.

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Because we are different?


We start from strategic objectives, analyze the target audience and develop a rigorous work method aimed at producing the best results. The client accompanies us throughout the process and participates in each decision phase, guaranteeing a result according to expectations.

Global picture

If the client's needs go beyond the design of the logo and the corporate identity manual, we can take care of the global identity and its application in traditional and digital media.

Experts in digital branding

We specialize in the design of brands that are developed in digital media (digital platforms, social networks, etc.), providing a global service of digital design and development.

Art direction

Once the design of your new brand is finished, we take care of supervising its implementation and, if you require it, of developing all the creativity and graphic adaptation work of your corporate communication materials.

Graphic printing

We will take care of producing your corporate materials with the most professional printing suppliers on the market, we will recommend the best qualities so that the result is always optimal and exquisite.

Legal services

If you need it, we can take care of the registration of your brand in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and its surveillance to prevent fraudulent copies and uses of your brand.

Do you want us to talk?

If you liked what you have seen and would like to propose that we become part of your project, we will be delighted to hear from you. Complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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