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If your goal is for your users to buy more and increase your ROI, you need a CRO agency that knows how to design the right design to optimize the conversion rate of your website or mobile app.

We work every point of contact in the conversion process

CRO strategy

From the English Conversion Rate Optimization, when we talk about CRO we are talking about the optimization process of all the steps that influence the purchase or conversion process that is present in a digital asset. Whether it is a website, an ecommerce or a mobile app, there is always one goal: to generate business, and this is achieved with a CRO strategy.

Conversion ratio improvement

Although it may seem complex, it is very simple, the conversion ratio is the percentage of visitors or users of our website or mobile app who make an objective interaction, be it a purchase, a contact request, a subscription to the newsletter or a recommendation in social networks.

Many variables affect the conversion process, from the digital strategy of attracting potential customers to psychophysical variables that affect the decision to click.

Conversion-oriented journey

To achieve our objective, it is necessary to start from a correct reading of the web analytics and focus the project by analyzing the behavior of the users, optimizing all the points of contact and decision, everything that affects the action of clicking.

For this, it is necessary to work from a global perspective, redefining the business model, establishing a digital marketing strategy that attracts quality traffic, designing the user experience through landing pages that allow the optimization of conversions, monitoring the behavior of users. with heat maps, performing A / B tests to validate our decisions and analyzing the results that allow us to evolve our online marketing model.

Our work process in strategy and CRO design

Although it may seem like a process that only affects design and technology, it is necessary to work on all the points of the business model:

Digital analytics and CRO strategy

We must be aware of our starting point and know what our model is for attracting qualified traffic, identifying our main channels and identifying opportunities and risks. We must set a goal, analyzing the conversion rate averages in the sector and the potential of our offer against the competition. After the objective comes the action plan.

Definition of buyer persona and user journey

We identify the profiles or target customers who visit your website or use your app and we personify them to the maximum detail. If you don't know your customer, you can't offer them what they need. We also analyze user behavior and design a journey identifying the contact and decision points that we must work on to increase the conversion rate.

UX / UI design and landing pages

We translate the user journey into a navigation flow and user experience, identifying the screens that intervene in the process and designing the interface elements that will allow us to increase the conversion rate. We apply psychophysical techniques such as AIDA (Attraction> Interest> Desire> Acquisition), “Above the fold” and other techniques of the CCD (Conversion Oriented Design). In this phase we also design and optimize the landing pages that our target customer will reach from the different channels, whether it be organic search, paid or social networks.

A / B tests

In the optimization process, we carry out tests and variations to arrive at the solution that guarantees the highest conversion rate, from variations in UI design, copywriting or alterations in the navigation flow.

Heat maps

We activate the monitoring of the user experience through the recording of sessions of real users on your own website and we generate heat maps that help guide the trial and error process until we reach the best option.

Analysis and reporting

The process is a continuous cycle, all actions generate results, which we analyze, process and transmit in a monthly report that helps decision-making in the online marketing strategy.

Because we are different?

Custom UX design

For us, each web design project is different, so we do not use templates or commercial templates. The interface design of your project will be unique and adapted to the decision process of your potential user.

Responsive mobile first design

We are specialists in conversion on mobile devices and responsive design, applying mobile first design techniques in all our web design and development projects.

SEO positioning and web analytics

Our expert SEO and digital analytics department can take care of your organic traffic strategy, taking care of generating online visibility that attracts potential clients to the website.

SEM and Google ADS campaigns:

In addition to SEO positioning, we are also experts in SEM strategy and campaigns in CPC models. We are certified as a Google Partner and we can take care of managing campaigns in the search network, display network and Google Ads remarketing.

Social media campaigns

Our digital marketing team is also an expert in designing and developing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in B2B and B2C projects.

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